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Ceramic Coating Services

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are simply protection for your vehicle's surfaces just like a wax or sealant. The major advantage of ceramic coatings over a wax or sealant however is the durability and ease of care they possess. While the durability of a wax or sealant is measured in weeks or months, ceramic coatings will last for years.

Sounds great. What is the downside?

The upfront cost can be the biggest hurdle. However, the car washing enthusiast who enjoys hand washing their vehicle will be amazed at the time that is saved when doing so. They will notice that month after month, and year after year, that the paint will continue to hold its shine and gloss with little effort. Investing in protecting your vehicle's appearance can translate into more money when you eventually sell or trade-in your vehicle as well.

Why should I have The Gloss Boss ceramic coat my vehicle?

We have installed ceramic coatings since 2014, longer than any other shop in the area. Experience matters when installing a ceramic coating. Incorrectly installed coatings can be costly to repair, so be sure to hire a company who has plenty of experience and knows what to do if there is an issue before, during, or after an install. We have also networked with installers around the globe for many years and attended in person trainings and events dedicated to learning proper care of your vehicle and installation of ceramic coatings.

Your pricing is higher than other shops I've called. Why?

We care about the highest quality installation possible, and that requires a lot of time and prep work beforehand. We've created the ideal climate-controlled environment inside our shop for coatings to be installed, and for the coatings to be cured and dried rapidly after installation. An uncontrolled environment can cause issues before, during, and after an install. By controlling our environment we can achieve the most professional level of install that eliminates any unwanted variables.

How long do your coatings last?

While a proper install is important, aftercare and maintenance is most critical when it comes to how long the coating will last. Car owners can typically be placed into three categories when it comes to how well they maintain their vehicle. Its important to be honest with yourself and know your own car care habits in order to get a reasonable estimate of durability.

The first owner is "the enthusiast" who goes to great lengths to keep their vehicle looking pristine. They are hand-washing their vehicle every week or two with premium car wash supplies and chemicals and they park on the far end of the parking lot to avoid getting scratched or dinged. This type of owner can expect our Pro Plus coating to last 8-10 years, or 6-8 years from our Pro coating.

Next, would be the "average Joe" owner who doesn't baby their vehicle but still cares enough to wash it every so often even if it means using an automatic tunnel wash. This type of owner might visit their detailer once or twice a year for maintenance. For this owner Pro Plus will last 5-8 years, or 3-5 years for Pro.

Finally, the final type of owner will be someone who is pretty "indifferent" about their vehicle. They will love the results of the coating service but do little to nothing to ever maintain it or keep it clean. This owner will see 3-5 years from Pro Plus, or 1-2 years from Pro.

Each of our ceramic coating details includes:

  • A detailed wash prep to ensure vehicle is contaminant-free

  • Paint enhancing polish for maximum coating adhesion and performance even on new vehicles

  • Coating of paint, glass, trim, and wheels


Pro Coating

prices starting at: small $900, medium $1,000, large $1,100, xl $1,200

Pro Plus Coating

prices starting at: small $1,500, medium $1,600, large $1,700, xl 1,800

Ceramic Coating Service Upgrades

Call or stop by for a quote

Paint Correction: For your coating to look and perform its best, paint correction may be required. If a vehicle's paint has surface defects and impurities such as oxidation, fine scratches, staining, water spots, and more creating a better bond between the paint and coating. Prices starting at $400 additional

Wheels-off Service: by removing the wheels during the wash process and then again for the coating process we are able to completely clean and protect the wheels and also have better access to clean the wheel house of the vehicle. These areas will be much easier to keep clean from heavy road grime and brake dust accumulation. Prices starting at $200 additional

Interior Protective Coatings: Bring durable protection to your interior surfaces. Interior coatings will help resist dirt, grime, bacteria, spills, abrasion, and add UV protection for leather, vinyl, carpet, suede, and cloth upholstery. Prices starting at $250 additional

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